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Too funny. Are they really that stupid?

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  • Endoxa52

    So when she loses, she can blame the logo.

  • CrankyHuman

    New slogan: “Wendy Davis – A Titanic Mistake”.

  • Lamb Chop

    Watch the movie “Scarlett Street” from 1945, Texans.

    Wendy Davis is a dead ringer for the money-lusting whore Kitty March (played by Joan Bennett). Make sure you don`t end up hustled out of house and dignity like her gullible and naive victim Chris Cross (played by Edward G. Robinson).

  • Restless_1

    Oh, but wait. She’s for open carry in Texas now.

    Of course, so is her opponent, without the killing babies albatross.

    It’s hard to sink a ship that never made it out to sea.

  • Sagettaurus

    Wendy should have a coat hanger for her logo.

  • GoodMojo1

    Yes, they really are that stupid. Sadly, they have enough stupid rank and file they still a real threat to swing it.

  • Tallyman

    SOS could mean Save Our Ship. The SOS from the garbage scow, Wendy Davis, is Save Our Swill.

  • Igor

    Yep. Sinking ship.