Is THIS The Best Podesta’s Got?

New WH Advisor Podesta: GOP ‘A Cult Worthy of Jonestown’
Besides the fact half of Obama’s supporters had to Wiki “Jonestown”, does John Podesta really want to invoke visuals of a leader making followers drink poisonous Kool-aid so close to his boss being called the “liar of the year” for serving up the flavor ObamaCare Lemon?

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  • MacTrish

    what a jack a$$. If there is any correlation to a cult going on, it is from Liberals adoring their messiah.

  • Tallyman

    A cult worships and obeys its beloved leader. Podesta is blending the new improved Barack Kool-aid for the true believers. The stupid crave a leader to think for and protect them.

  • Igor

    Shiite storm’s a-comin! Better get your protective gear on, RINOs.

  • n.n

    Perhaps, but the DNC is a Jonestown cult. Aborted a human life recently, Podesta? You do realize that a human life evolves from conception to death, right? You do realize that humanity remains viable through reproduction, right?

    • Igor

      I’m sure John has reproduced, more’s the pity.

      • n.n

        Do what I say, not what I do. Actually, many or most of them have reproduced, perhaps not in sufficient numbers, but only after offering a sacrifice. It’s the last deed which is the problem.