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The Famous Leader Who Wore This Voter ID Shirt Should Make Every Dem Rethink His ‘Racism’ Charges
Or her….

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  • jb

    Is that really the T-shirt Mandela wore, or is this another Chris Matthews-police mug shot trick? Hoping it is real

    • n.n

      It’s real. The power dynamic in South Africa doesn’t require the ANC to disenfranchise, threaten, slander, sue, etc. its fellow citizens in order to retain control. That is now a historical legacy. Today, they can afford to keep up appearances of integrity. The Democrats are not nearly so secure. Even when gaming the system their margins remain slim.

  • soanonymous

    This is the same chick who said your kids belong to the community and not you.


  • n.n

    Americans are less capable than South Africans. Any suggestion which claims otherwise has a racist motive. Are we really that stupid, lazy, or dependent?

    • Igor

      If you’re a Dem, yes. Yes you are.

      • n.n

        It may become a universal condition if we do not either frame the issue properly or offer supporting evidence for our conclusions. This was an excellent find which should restore the balance on this particular issue. An emotional appeal, selective history, general assignments (e.g. class, prejudice), etc. should not substitute for a rational discussion of the issues on their merits.

  • Tallyman

    The left hand at the Ministry of Truth operates independently of the right. Get an ID in SA. No ID needed in USA. War is peace. Rich is bad. Soros and Buffet are good. Melissa and her ilk don’t think, they obey.