Obama’s Youth Flaking On Him

Obama supporters
A majority of America’s youngest adults would vote to recall the president
Obama told them to get in our faces. They openly said they were smarter and knew best where our nation should go. Now that the very policies they pushed for are negatively affecting them, they want to kick the president to the curb.

That’s what you get for relying on “mic check” flakes.

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  • Tallyman

    Thank your teachers and your TV. What was too hard about not judging a man by the color of his skin? He’s borrowed $7 trillion more for you suckas to pay off in future years. He going to borrow trillions more. He’s not created any high paying jobs. Enjoy your lifetime career at your local Taco Bell. Wait till the dollar drops in value and the price of everything doubles, while your income remains stagnant. That nice woman, Yellen at the FED, is really a wicked witch who’ll take your and your parents’ money and give it to her rich cronies You met your enemy and it was your stupidity and arrogance.

  • soanonymous

    Flaky like a good biscuit. It’s sad.

  • Palmetto

    Old German saying: We grow too soon old and too late smart.