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First Eleanor Holmes Norton, now Jesse Jackson. What is going on…?

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  • Tallyman

    Hate Whitey is the message. Another Centrally Planned rewriting of history. The evil White Southerners were blocking civil rights legislation and the Democrats overcome those evil Whites. As I learned by speaking with RFK under Johnson, the liberal Democrats would only allow civil rights legislation if it was also tied with social legislation, aka the Great Society. The bargain as arranged by RFK was for Republicans to get civil rights legislation if they didn’t block the Great Society. Was what Blacks gained lost by the Great Society’s destruction of the Black family? I was angry, then. Republican compromise is always a loser.

  • Dr. Mauser

    Southern Democrats is Code for “Racist Dixiecrats who all switched over to the Republicans so they could be even more racist.” There must have been hundreds of them if you listen to liberals. Well, actually three, and only one ever got re-elected.

  • American Elephant

    They are continuing to “build the narrative” that the South is racist, STILL racist, Republicans are the party of racists because they won the south, and they only oppose the radical socialist policies of the Democrats because of racism. Unfortunately, Kennedy WON the South (not Nixon and his “Southern strategy”) and Republicans have always opposed govt control of the economy and of healthcare. In fact, Republicans have been opposing govt run healthcare since it was first proposed by racist, segregationist progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

  • n.n

    Leverage. Jackson, Norton represent a shrinking minority. This is their feeble attempt to reestablish their influence in the party of minorities. Somehow, I doubt that shame will be equally effective against the pro-abortion/choice crowd.