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Dan was eerily convincing playing the part….

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  • koala

    For some reason this brings to mind a chilling account of some anthropologists who came upon the dead body of a teenaged male full of spears and arrows killed by his own primitive age-mates. Perhaps it was the primitive village’s way of weeding out undesirable traits.

  • Igor

    Not gonna watch. We are surrounded by idiots studying to be Useful Idiots, and the result is truly a Ship of Fools.

  • Tallyman

    They’re mutants. Gov. Brown is a moron. The college is filled with morons, believing their “one of the best” diplomas will correct their mental deficiencies and create self worth for them.

  • Palmetto

    This is frightening to me. I (and as I recall most of my fellow female students) all hated the fact that showers were mandatory after gym class (all four years of high school). I don’t remember anyone comfortable with the locker room atmosphere and mostly we just dashed into the shower, ducked under the water and dashed back out to the cover of a towel. This could be accomplished in approximately five seconds after a bit of practice and saved the taxpayers a ton of money on soap. Add a “male” to the mix and the school would probably have had to employ a lot of psychologists to the staff.

    Granted, this was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and before nudity was flung at us from TV and movie screens and we even knew there was such a thing as transgender or lesbians, but have women lost all sense of modesty over the decades? Never mind, I know the answer.

    I used the school bathroom as a place to check my hair and makeup between classes, but even with only doing that, a male body in there would have kept most of us out totally just as it would for me today.

    Ain’t progress grand?


  • Richard White

    There’s a word for this:


    The real problem, as I see it, is that this sort of thing dilutes standards across the board, and that prepares the ground for takeover from outside by those whose ideas of how society should be ordered are more focused. I will not utter the name of those of whom I speak, but you know who they are.

    And Dan was hilarious outside the ladies’ room. Obvious, but not overdone.