Jezebel Proving Their Industry Ignorance

The progs over at thinks they showed up those stupid Republicans…

Conservatives Silenced by Irony: Fox May Produce Hillary TV Movie
The GOP faithful, ever ready to storm the moral high ground and erect a glittering, priapistic citadel, jumped all over NBC’s yet-to-be-scripted Hillary Clinton teleplay like a gaggle of magpies who’ve caught a glimpse of a shiny Cracker Jack ring. Except that now, rumor has it the Hillary movie may be produced by Fox Television Studios, which, as even Priebus must know, is the sister company to the sandbox where conservatives go to exchange strains of pink eye with each other, Fox News.

As someone who knows people who work at Fox News and worked for the Fox Broadcasting Company in Hollywood, I’ve had to address this misconception on numerous occasions, but I certainly expected the know-it-alls at Jezebel understood that while Fox News has a center-right tilt, Fox Broadcasting is as intolerant-far left-liberal as they come. I know this from harsh personal experience.

So if anyone skunked anyone, Jezebel’s Doug Barry has the stink of arrogant ignorance all over him.

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  • aelfheld

    Lefties always smell that way.

  • eNeecie

    Yeah, Fox Broadcasting which produces those conservative favorites “Family Guy” and “Glee.” What a shocker.
    (I was going to say something about how that line about the magpies and Cracker Jacks could be interpreted as being racist, but I would only get in trouble so I won’t.) ;-)