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Pelosi Outraged By ‘Slap Hillary’ Site, Silent on ‘Slap Palin’ Game
I don’t think the game will be taken down because Nancy Pelosi’s having a cow. Is that a slap…?

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  • Igor

    Nancy Pelosi *is* a cow. Udderly without scruples, morals, values. Yep. I’m a bigot.

  • Tallyman

    Cankles is hoisted on the same kind of petard as Palin. Who cares if the wicked witch of West, Pelosi, is outraged? The Cankles witch needs more than a slap..The witches, Cankles and Pelosi, boil their bile in a cauldron into which both should be pushed.

    • Igor

      “Double, double, your speech is trouble.
      Treat us nice or pain will double!”

      I can just see them bending over the cauldron, stirring madly, cackling.