Demand Black Conservatives Stop Playing The Willing Victim

Like the NAACP would ever let us speak to them, who we kidding, but now black conservatives are bitching (via Freedomworks) that we’re being silenced while being patronized by conservative-leaning cable programs and PACs. IF you really need attention that badly, it’s sad.

And shame on conservatives using blacks. IF you really care so much, give a qualified black a show or a real seat on a PAC. What’cha waitin’ on…?

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  • Alice Pruneau Suszynski

    But Deneen Borelli was turned down when she tried to rent a space at the NAACP convention.
    Isn’t that worth pointing out?

    • Bob Parks

      And FreedomWorks would not be turned down to rent a space at Netroots?

      C’mon, this was a set-up and a lame one at that. Whining about a result you knew you would get is disingenuous.

      • Alice Pruneau Suszynski

        yeah, but ostensibly the NAACP is for colored people not just liberal colored people.

        Regardless, that’s how activists behave and this is how it’s done. Alinsky would approve if he liked the people involved. But I agree there are more substantive ways of being effective.

  • Tallyman

    Does the NAACP have the power to legitimatize you? Use this to shame and embarrass the NAACP, but don’t expect more nor grovel for more. Your rights, moral authority and dignity are given by God, Nature and your intelligent independence. You think, therefore you are. They emote and hope for external validity. Their system is collapsing. Their old gods are long dead.

  • Tyler Anthony Romano

    There is power in being the victim because people have compassion, but people tend to discriminate against people who step out of line with their world view. They want to keep feeling the way they do about something because it makes them feel better about themselves.

  • Tim

    Maybe look at it this way, by complaining and getting the word out maybe more blacks who feel this way will see that there are viable other choices, and people more like them. Then maybe these will step forward also and a change for the better might happen.
    I wonder how many conservative blacks hide their beliefs because they worry about the backlash they would get among their peers?
    I was talking to one at work and HE hides it and when he was telling me this was pointing to the area where others where that would make his life terrible if they knew his political leaning.

    • Andre Bonds

      Tim, all races of people hide their political views as well as their religious views because the majority of people are cowards. They don’t have the courage to state what they believe because they don’t want to be challenged. They don’t want to be challenged because they are closed minded and not willing to consider the possibility that they could be wrong. They don’t want to be wrong because they don’t want to change their beliefs or alliances…it would require too much energy and hurt too much of their pride.
      The conservative blacks that I have talked to…and there are a fair amount in the south….have not thought things through for the most part. They take the good ideas that conservatives have and disregard the bad ideas. This is not to say that black liberals have thought things through either. And since they would rather not look bad in public, they don’t bring their beliefs up. But, again, that’s why it is cliché to avoid Politics and Religion in conversation by everyone.