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Man knocked unconscious, cracks skull in Manhattan after racial slur: witnesses
How do you explain this pic to your friends and co-workers…?

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  • Tallyman

    Quote in regard to the deserving arrogant victim,” if Goldman and its employees are really desperate to antagonize society and split it not only along wealth lines (Jamie Dimon is already lapping most in that regard with his “That’s why i am richer than you,” but add race to the mix, usually quite an explosive combination, then by all means keep on keeping on.” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-07-13/goldman-banker-knocked-out-screaming-racial-slurs-serious-condition

  • Palmetto

    Granted, the drunk acted “stupidly” (which drunks so often do), but are words EVER legal justification to commit an assault?

    • Tallyman

      No. The jury might excuse you, if it decides that it can decide the law and the facts. Any assault allows the police, the DA and the courts to drag you into their web. If you have cash or assets, a kind loving lawyer will take a cut, promise to help and, if honest, thank you for the business and arrange a plea deal with his crony, the DA, for no jail, no felony conviction and some token punishment.

  • Tallyman

    White Hispanics have thicker skulls? The government employee witness, Medical Examiner Valerie Rao, testified that Zimmerman’s injuries were insignificant from banging his head on concrete http://in.news.yahoo.com/trayvon-martin-trial-told-zimmerman-injuries-insignificant-192324090.html
    Don’t drink at bars and insult others present at the same time. . If you injure him, you lose with the police/courts. Even if you’re the biggest strongest man there, he or his buddy may use a knife or a gun. If he injures you, you lose. Avoid all physical confrontations http://nononsenseselfdefense.com/self-defenseexplained.htm