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This ought to tweak a few activists…

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  • eNeecie

    Thanks for posting this interview. I was around in the 80s when all homosexuals were as honest as this guy. Remember when lesbianism was a political choice and gay guys would be frank and say it was about easy sex? But young people have never hear this. They were raised as the Glee/Lady Gaga generation where they are told that they have no control of their sexual urges.

    The mistake that the Right has made in this whole gay marriage debate is that they do not challenge this idea that people are born homosexual. We are all “born that way.” There is not sexual orientation gene. We are with a desire to mate, just as we are born with a desire to eat. Both of these drives are very powerful, but we make the choice as to how we satisfy these urges. I think the more we study the human sex drive we will see how really unfocused it really is. Yes, a person raised in a healthy, natural two parent household will develop normal animal attractions without even thinking about it. However, people raised in an unnatural environment may find that drive directed in unnatural directions. Just like people have learned to crave very unhealthy foods to the point of it being an addition, people learn to be sexually attracted to unhealthy stimulus.

    When I smell hot, steamy chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven, I have a wave of desire that sweeps over me. I may feel like I was born to love chocolate chip cookies, but of course I learned to love them based on my experience with them. I did not inherit it. In fact, my mom really doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies. Yes, there are things in my physical makeup that make me likely to be attracted to cookies: they contain chocolate and sugar which make my body happy. And I associate the cookies with happy times: holidays, being warm and cozy inside when it’s cold outside, etc. But I do not have a chocolate chip cookie gene that makes me oriented into loving those cookies from birth.

    Sexuality is a choice. Just because people don’t make a conscious choice does not mean they did not make a choice. It’s hard to say what influences a person in making the choice to be homosexual because that research if forbidden. But we do know that gays rarely, if ever, come from normal, well adjusted families. I know three guys from my sci-fi club in high school who have since come out as gay, and believe me in high school they were far from being interested in other guys. They were, however, not very successful with the ladies, which I think had more to do with their current sexuality than suddenly realizing that they really weren’t interested in boobs.

  • koala

    His honesty is refreshing. When searching for information on Loren Marks I see the debunkers are out in full force.