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2013: “Massatoosetts” seeks relief from part of US health law
What a difference a couple of elections make

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  • NRPax

    If Massachusetts is granted this exemption, my governor is going to get a letter that day asking why he isn’t pushing for one himself.

    • GoodMojo1

      My Governor may get such a letter, regardless.

  • Tallyman

    The three masterminds whose average IQ is below 100 and a pandering Romney were going to control and plan all healthcare. MA Governor Patrick failed the bar exam three times, because his White educators did not affirmatively educate him enough. Barack keeps his school records secret, while Cankles wrote her thesis praising Alinsky. What are Cankles’, Barack’s or Patrick’s credentials for such monumental planning? Being Clinton’s humiliated wife or their skin color and lots of media hype. A stupid master plan made and promoted by morons is failing before it begins. Let MA enjoy their desired central planning good and hard.