Where Was The President During The Benghazi Attack?

Obama sleeping
The big Benghazi mystery: Where was Obama while 4 Americans perished?
You would think there’d be pictures or a transcript… then again, what difference does it make?

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  • urbanvrwcmom

    Where was Obama during the Benghazi crisis? AWOL.

  • VeryOldSoldier

    For that matter – WHERE was Her Highness Princess Clinton?

  • koala

    If it were Bush the impeachment proceedings would be in full swing.

  • Tallyman

    Barack is taking the Fifth before the People. The President is doing what his lawyers advise; do not speak to the media investigators, internal investigations in the State Department, Inspector Generals, or the like. Jodi Arias was convicted in part because she spoke to Police. Barack fears that information, whether factual or not, about where he was could be used against him for political gain, impeachment, or other consequence. The only good explanation would be Barack was totally involved in some more important National Security or financial security issue.. .The other reality is that Barack is a liar, a fraud and incompetent, so the odds are the facts are against him