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Fox News airs name of 16-year-old Steubenville rape victim in Monday coverage
However… Media Rush To Condemn Fox For Airing 16-Year-Old Rape Victim’s Name, But Neglect That CNN And MSNBC Did It Too
They never learn…

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  • Tallyman

    Public trials with secret unidentified victims require citizens to trust their courts, their police, their government prosecutors and the unidentified victims to be fully truthful or even legitimate. If the victim was identified or a photo seen in media, perhaps, someone would recognize her and provide information about her prior activities unknown to the defense and/or even to the DA.

    Do you trust police testimony or DNA tests or fingerprints?
    Do you trust politically motivated DA’s? Trust in our courts is always perilous. Do you Trust our Chief Justice? Or any judge?
    Lord Acton ~ “Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration
    of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.”

  • koala

    I know this is supposed to be irrelevant but why was the young “lady” going to these parties and drinking herself into oblivian? Was she drugged?

    • n.n

      Perhaps it was peer pressure. The outcome of the generational feminist movement was to make women and girls available for sex, taxation, and exploited for democratic leverage.

      • koala

        True enough.

        • n.n

          People can enjoy themselves. However, they need to act reasonably and with reason. Also, if they want to enjoy liberty, then by definition they must be capable of self-moderating behavior.

          Her actions one way or another do not validate rape (or involuntary exploitation); but, there must be situational awareness. Our reality has seen fit to enforce a high correlation between risk and behavior and context. This is why immature or naive people are less likely to successfully mitigate risk in their lives. This is why society has seen fit to offer extended protection to its youngest and most vulnerable members. They are unfamiliar with their new world.

          It’s unfortunate that a subversive counter-culture has developed which encourages the least capable to expose themselves to ever greater risk. It’s not only abortion which is a consequence of that myopic vision.

          • koala

            Still, I wonder if she had been drugged with more than just alcohol.

  • n.n

    CNN, MSNBC, and a CBS local affiliate all also took part in airing the rape victim’s name. And they did it before Fox ever did.

    Did Fox rebroadcast the footage from CNN, MSNBC, and CBS? Perhaps they thought it was sanctioned after the mainstream networks first revealed her name.

    That said, they all need to improve quality control.

    Who watches the watchers? Thanks Mediaite and Bob.