stewieSo for those not following this Supreme Court Case if this did not fall the way it did today all used stores would have probably ended up shutting down.

This was a case in which used goods being resold without paying copyright holders their fee would have been found just and all used stores would have then in turn have to pay royalties on all used goods to the original copyright holder.

Lucky for us, the Supreme Court does have a brain in some cases, and this had an interesting group of dissenters…

“Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy dissented.”

Anyway Victory at the Court House for everyone involved!!!

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  • Tallyman

    Once the books were sold, the copyright holder has no right to the physical books, which were purchased without any contractual relationship with the author.. Our courts and laws are a system of whimsical, purchased or crony decisions of black robed lawyers masquerading as honest brokers working under the “rule of law.” ,.