MD’s Friday Younger Demo

McCainSHUT UP! No one cares!
John McCain, seriously SHUT UP!!!!! Listen you lost to Bush in 2000, then you lost in 2008 to Obama and now NO ONE CARES!!!! Seriously so some young Senators with a Spine stole your spotlight. All while your dinner with the President that we paid for without our permission wasn’t given any coverage. GET OVER IT, you had dinner, good for you, so do most Americans if they are fortunate to have a job. Seriously you are making yourself look like a cry baby screaming for his mommy will you please STOP IT!

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  • koala

    When will the RINOs learn there are consequences for dising the Tea Party.

    • Bob Parks

      Didn’t write this, Koala. B&R contributor Michael Dave did.

      • koala

        Aw man. I didn’t look. Ok. I will edit. You’re still the best.

  • Tallyman

    Poor McLame,he believes his Stockholm syndrome adaptation should have gotten the limelight. He learned to kowtow and kiss commie rears in Hanoi and he thinks this Stockholm syndrome training prepared him to kowtow and kiss another commie at dinnertime in DC. McLame’s aging has degenerated into a second brat-hood.

    For ye of little faith: The Unemployment numbers are obtained from a census bureau survey. “The CensusPublicSurvey is administered by the Census Bureau using a probability selected sample of about 60,000 occupied households. The fieldwork is conducted during the calendar week that includes the 19th of the month. The questions refer to activities during the prior week; that is, the week that includes the 12th of the month.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics on the first Thursday of the month estimate (guess) the results of the prior month’s survey. Only on the third Thursday of the month are the results of the census survey finally tabulated and released, thus revising the unemployment numbers. The data “could” be manipulated by choosing the households sent the survey by the census, or the numbers could be misreported, or the corrections applied to the numbers (seasonal, regional, etc) manipulated.. The numbers announced on the first and second Thursdays of the month are just guesses by hacks without a tabulation of the prior month’s surveys.. You can trust that all the government bureaucrats are decent honest unpolitical public servants, who are never mislead by their appointed Obama hack supervisors. .

  • Igor

    Juan McLame drools and spits. Somebody please give him back his sippy cup.

    • GoodMojo1

      Igor, we should now start looking for volunteers to administer his medications, and empty his bed pan on the Senate floor. For my purposes, he is now an invalid.