The B&R Friday Skim

Obama’s visit to Israel gets a logo
Making it easier for the stoopids to know that something’s going on

POPE GREETS CROWD AFTER DELIVERING CHRISTMAS 'URBI ET ORBI' MESSAGE AT VATICAN Benedict resignation linked to inquiry into ‘Vatican gay officials’, says paper
I knew this didn’t smell right…
President Obama holds off-record meeting with top White House reporters
Then what was the point?
US gov´t to air-drop toxic mice on Guam snakes
As a former resident, I can attest to the fact those brown snakes are a pain in the ass
FBI raids headquarters of The Scooter Store as part of $100 million Medicare fraud investigation
That’s a lot of scooters
Senate Democrats Protect Corporate Jet Loophole
As they’ve exempted their own salaries from sequestration, they now wish to protect those who give them free rides
Top Cuomo Aide Delivers Public Rebuke Of State Worker Who Talked to the Press
Hagel Declined to Sign Schumer Letter in 2007 Asking Arab Allies to Recognize Israel
Seriously, is Chuck Hagel the best we’ve got or the best Republican-Pentagon-defense cut-fall guy for Obama?
Danny Glover‘Lethal Weapon’ star Danny Glover says US should ‘abolish guns’
If Danny Glover agrees to not appear in any movie that has a gun, I’ll take a few minutes to hear what he has to say
Immigration — the lesser of two evils
We’re going to get amnesty from this president. It’s just a question of how evil Republicans were to oppose it
Did Rush Limbaugh just launch a Tea Party revival effort?
Why not? Who have the Tea Party repeatedly burned…?
Chicago’s top 1% lobbied Emanuel, Axelrod for favors
And they probably got what they paid for
‘Non-Partisan’ Magazine Hired Dem Lobbyist ‘Media Specialist’ to Get Obama Interview
Did anyone think Anita Dunn wouldn’t get paid?
Obama is winning his power struggle with Congress
Obama on Al Sharpton: It’s hard for Republicans to see the obvious answer
Obama Could, And Should, Manage His Sequester
That would actually take work
White House refuses to hand over secret documents on drone killings to ‘ensure the confirmation of Brennan as CIA chief’
Flashback: President Obama defends claim as ‘most transparent administration in history’
It’s at the point where I can’t stand hearing this man’s voice (I’m referring to Obama this time…)
Paula Broadwell has military promotion revoked in the wake of General Petraeus sex scandal
Well, duh!
Contractor Whose Company Got Nearly $500M in IRS Contracts Says He Didn´t Have Personal Relationship With IRS Staffer
Uh oh
The David Gregory police mystery
To protect and serve the elites
Rand Paul writes $600k check to U.S. Treasury
Leading by example. Unfortunately someone will spend it
Leaked memo outlines liberal attack plan on McCrory, N.C. Republicans
People ask me when I’m going to run… who needs this shit?
Tebow Cancels Church Appearance After Media Firestorm
Those who demand free speech and tolerance again denying them to others
Proposal to strip taxing power from school board draws racism charge
Let them sink in their own bile
Ohio Woman Patricia Kunkle Claims She Was Fired For Voting For Obama
The employer should have kept his mouth shut
Top Dem calls for tax increase on 99 percent of Americans
Take, take, take…

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  • GoodMojo1

    President Obama defends claim as ‘most transparent administration in history’
    “It’s at the point where I can’t stand hearing this man’s voice (I’m referring to Obama this time…)” – Bob
    I reached this point somewhere in the middle of his last term. Except for the debates, I’ve only read transcripts since late 2011.

  • RightSide

    ” The David Gregory police mystery

    To protect and serve the elites”

    Since Gregory was acting as an advocate for gun control absolutely nothing will be done and the “paperwork” wasn’t even initiated. There was no need: he was spouting the liberal agenda.

    The appropriate question I’ve recently read is if we are going to hold guns responsible for gun violence why aren’t we holding cars responsible for drunk drivers? And, I might add, silverware responsible for obesity?