The Feds Taketh Quicker Than They Refundeth Back

Your Money | IRS behind on issuing tax refunds
They’re blaming the fiscal cliff… seriously

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  • Igor

    The Feds hold on to your money longer so they have a little more Interest accruing on your money, n.n

    Hold the Gubmint responsible? For anything? Ain’t gonna happen.

    • n.n

      Interest and leverage. It perpetuates a false record of their accounts.

  • n.n

    If only we could charge them interest to compensate for the delay and inflation through maintaining an account deficit. They need to know that there are consequences for behaving irresponsibly.

  • Tallyman

    Should you have trusted Big Brother? Many states delay tax refunds because of spending/revenue problems. Is there a slew of early filings seeking refunds by crooks using others’ IDs to file for fictitious refunds? Love thy public servant and forgive any Incompetence and deceit