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Any evidence to the contrary?

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  • Tallyman

    Barack has those innocent children’s blood staining his reprobate soul. Most Democrats are true believers who refuse to allow reality to destroy their fantasies. Would we charge and/or praise police who opened fire on a bunch of children in order to kill a suspect among them. We’re supposed to trust that the identifiers who inform the drone controllers are truthful? Why ought we trust a man who is a liar, fraud and narcissist? . . .

  • GoodMojo1

    Very interesting point, in illustration of the larger point that to the inlellectually corrupt, Obomba can do no wrong.

  • Igor

    I sure ain’t gonna argue with that. Hey, facts don’t get in the way of Libtards opening their mouths, does it?

    Like you implied, Bob, let’s see ‘em prove it wrong!