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Obama Weightlifter
There is so much about this man we still don’t know!

But wait, there’s more….

Obama Diving copy

Obama bear wrestling

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  • Vera Hamann

    Just like N.Korean dear leader! Remember what kind of supernatural achevement he had under his belt?

  • ZigZ

    I read that even though he shoots skeet, he does not eat it.

  • GoodMojo1

    My Congressman, Marsha Blackburn, suggested Obama invite her to shoot skeet with him. He’s got to know she’d ‘whoop dat ass’!

  • Igor

    “I’ve met him, you know — Obama.
    6’7″ he is, arms like mighty oak trees, legs like even mightier oak
    trees: clear grey eyes looking to the far horizon, his lantern jaw set
    against the approaching storm but yet with a slight hint of a distant
    smile born of many combats won and mortal enemies vanquished.

    I stood speechless in his presence at a restaurant in Marina del Rey —
    just speechless, weeping silently at the sheer magnetism and force of
    personality coming off the man in seismic waves; a transcendental,
    religious experience that kept me awake for a week, as if I had seen the
    heavens split open in a blaze of orange and purple glory, and all of
    God’s Great Plan revealed.

    And when he finally did speak, it was the sound of distant thunder
    echoing off ancient mountains, a sound that predates mankind’s puny
    screeching — a sound that, indeed, is antecedent to the founding of
    Life on Earth and comes carried through the ether on the shock wave of
    ancient dying stars. And though he only spoke twelve words during the
    four hours I stood in his presence, those words are with me still, a
    perfect dozen seared into my memory, written in gold across the great
    hall of my mind.


    (Shamelessly plagerized from Iowahawk’s site and only ONE word changed… guess which one…) (this was a comment written by Bill Whittle, actually)

  • GoodMojo1

    And I “do sunbed tanning”, all the time.

  • Tallyman

    Like Stalin, Mao and the Korean Kims, Barack is omnifarious. They all were and Barack now is proficient at all they do. That is why they are our leaders.

    • VK Tabbert

      Don’t forget Putin!

  • Palmetto

    Bet he wrestles alligators, too.

    • Igor

      WithOUT draining the swamp first. ;P