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Hugo Chavez Squandered The Greatest Oil Rally In History
Squandering a nation’s fortune appears to be a habit in certain circles

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  • The Machine

    Death probably wasn’t very instantaneous

    On the contrary, a hammer or baseball bat delivers many orders of magnitude more energy than a handheld firearm of any caliber.

    And can indeed be instantaneously lethal.

    Given a choice, I’d rather get shot.

    • GoodMojo

      Amen.  Of course,  it’s all about the targeting. :)

  • Tallyman

    The Great Central Planning Leaders, like Chavez and Barack, think and plan for the sheeple. Stupid shepherds for stupid sheeple.

    All liberal swine are equal. Some are more equally annoying than others.

    Make your bed with Boehner and wake up losing with a loser.

    What happens when social workers end poverty/ from Peter Principle

  • RightSide

    FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year than Rifles
    Death probably wasn’t very instantaneous

    Claw hammers and baseball bats ownership rights are not expressly stated in the US Constitution; so, I propose an outright ban on all claw hammers. State and Local Police will be authorized to do a house by house search and confiscate all claw hammers. Ball peen hammer use may be licensed to legitimate tinsmiths.

    Baseball bat owners will have to undergo an FBI check, fingerprinting and registration of all baseball bats in their possession. Every member of a household where a baseball bat is registered must undergo the background check, including children, infants and babies. A serial number for each bat will be issued and that information will be stored in a national database administrated by the FBI.

    A voluntary program for people to turn in their baseball bats will be instituted across the land.  Possession of an unregistered  baseball bat will be a felony punishable by a mandatory one (1) year jail sentence and a fine of not less than $1,000 or up to but not more than $10,000.

    If FBI statistics don’t improve baseball bats may be restricted to licensed professional ball players. Billy clubs are restricted for use by authorized law enforcement officers only. TSA and FEMA are prohibited use of Billy clubs.

    Support this effort by sending letters or calling your state and federal representatives.

    • Igor

      AH!  My deadblow hammer is not covered.  Good!

      (If you don’t know what a deadblow hammer is, see here:
      • RightSide

        Perhaps you also noticed I didn’t mention rip hammers, either? ;) It’s deliberate; although, most framing today is done with nail guns. I haven’t seen any stats on “death by nail gun” and assume the number is small or non-existent. Should that not be the case a hard look at registering and controlling nail guns will have to undertaken as well.

        But every Tom, Dick and Harriet is likely to have one or more claw hammers in the home. They are the most dangerous and need to be removed for everyone’s safety ;)

        • GoodMojo

          I like sledgehammers for tactical assault, rock hammers for concealed carry.  ;p