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Painting Depicts Obama as Crucified Christ
Be it the kneejerk wails of racism or the numerous portrayals as savior, if Barack Obama deemed these actions improper, he’d tell his followers to chill. He remains silent…

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  • The Machine

    “One brief note: I can thank this intentionally racially-divisive administration and its campaign for the fact that whenever I’m in public, the perception is since I’m black, I voted for and support Obama. That’s impacting negatively on many levels…”

    You are not alone in that, bro…

    • Igor

      I’m old, white, and voted for Romney.  RAAAAACIST!!!11!!1!


  • Mauser

    Facebook users lash out at social network after it ends their right to vote on site´s privacy policy

    But I bet they didn’t close their accounts in protest.  Oh yeah, that’s right, they CAN’T, at least not easily.

  • RockThisTown

    Obama’s Silence on Egypt Speaks Volumes
    Not to mention his silence on Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Israel, the economy . . . .
    The U.N.´s Internet Sneak Attack
    This is a two-fer: a money AND power grab!
    Poll: Obama, Congress will blow new taxes, not cut deficit
    How many times do we have to say it? Tax rates are not the problem, spending is!
    ‘New Normal’ Of The U.S. Economy Dumbs Down Excellence
    Under this administration, America’s exceptionalism is no longer exceptional.
    ‘Two and a Half Men’ actor calls his show ‘filth’
    And he’s right, just as are most other Hollywood offerings . . . .
    Jesse Jackson Jr. still might collect federal pension
    Somewhere, Dan Rostenkowski is smiling.
    Fox Interview Ends After Guest Accuses Network Of Operating As ‘Wing Of The Republican Party’
    And, thankfully, it’s there to balance out the many wings of the Democrat party: MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, LAT, et al
    Facebook users lash out at social network after it ends their right to vote on site´s privacy policy
    Occupy Facebook.
    Jill Kelley sacked as honorary consul for South Korea for ´peddling influence and embarrassing nation over Petraeus scandal
    Well, even though she got sacked, bet the farm she won’t be wearing hopsacks anytime soon.
    Obama´s NLRB protects union thugs, not elderly
    Or, ‘Obama’s NLRB, Justice Department, Transportation Department, Housing Department, Interior Department, Energy Department protect union thugs, not elderly’
    Republicans Swept Southern Statehouses, and No One Noticed
    Michelle Malkin noticed. See her “Twenty Things that went Right on Election Day”

  • JP Kalishek

    One brief note response:
    I guess you need a selection of shirts that say:
    “I voted for the idiot from Massachusetts, not Illinois. Stop looking at me that way!”

    • gagblue

      “I voted for the idiot from Massachusetts, not Kenya. Stop looking at me that way!”<

  • Subliminal Watch

    Filth is a weak word to describe the pernicious vermin infesting Hollywood.     Filth could be cleansed  .

    A false messiah craves his own adulation instead of his god’s glory.    This false messiah supports his puppet Morsi, who speaks the words Barack craves to speak.

    The NY Times self-loathes its own country and its own owner’s race.  Love your neighbor as yourself means for the NY Times loath your neighbor as you loath yourself.   Hence, Islam’s enemy is the NY Times enemy.

    The new normal is failure with an EBT card.

    The UN: a government bureaucracy in need of more money.