Is It Tebow Time?

NY Jets fall to awful 3-6 after 28-7 loss to Seattle Seahawks, season effectively over
New York Jets’ Tim Tebow soap opera rolls into St. Louis after Mark Sanchez meltdown

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  • WDC

    You need one more choice on the poll.

    Do we care?

    Go Texans!


  • GoodMojo

    When a team is on the slide, you must shake things up.  Tebow, it is.

  • Igor

    Watched the game yesterday in a failing big-screen LCD – I don’t know which was worse, watching my TV fail, or Sanchez not being able to BUY a touchdown.  Their defense sucked as well.  Not that the Seachickens were much better, but c’mon, Mark – did you take the day off?

    Now I gotta order a new inverter board for my TV which is gonna set me back a few hundred dollars (yes, I do my own TV repair).  Not much I can do to fix Mark, though.  Maybe they should replace the Quarterback PCB…  ;P