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As Election Day nears, Obama supporters step up riot threats
I know many liberals believe they’re champions for us poor ol’ helpless black folk, but seriously Bill? And to all those ignorants who choose to riot, you’d better hope Obama pardons you all before January 20th….

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  • kmacginn

    I’m still waiting for Obama to send the feds to Maher’s house and haul him away for his anti-Muhammed comments he made in his film “Religulous.”  Oh, wait … Maher gave $1 million to O’s campaign … guess that’s not happening.  Doesn’t Maher see how racist his nasty comment is?  What he’s insinuating about Blacks is grotesque.  But, wait … he’s a Lib.  He can get away with that.


    This PC garbage is a bunch of crap!

  • gagblue

    Chicago thugocracy on display.

  • Tallyman

    He’s instructing those he believes to be dumb m*f*’s to riot and attack Romney supporters.   Riot, assault, looting, and associated crimes are State and local crimes which the President cannot pardon.

  • Chris

    I predicted riots and looting days before Katrina hit the Gulf.  My prediction was not based upon racial attitudes but knowledge of the NOLA area, which is the most corrupt area in the nation.  When the authorities withdraw or otherwise concede an area to the locals it just becomes a business opportunity.

  • The Machine

    On a related note, Geraldo Rivera tweets that he is in desparate need of a generator to save the Koi fish in his pond…

  • Steffani

    The outrage is really not that he said it, it’s that people still WATCH him!  How he has more than two viewers is beyond me

    • Igor

      Lots of brain-dead peepul in the US of A, Steffani.  I call ‘em the Great Unwashed Masses and/or The Marching Morons.

  • Koala

    Let them riot and then make them clean up after themselves. No jail time just clean up time.