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NAACP Convention: Joe Biden in the house!

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  • Tallyman

    Even the NAACP dolts feel it’s demeaning to have to sit and listen to an idiot rant.

  • GoodMojo

    There was probably a pronounced echo in that room, and I’d hate to hear the “Vice-Plagiarist” more than once.  Egad!

  • The Machine

    Director:  “Okay, guys, listen up, I want every shot to be ECU today…”

  • IT Nerd

    I always wondered what kind of view Bob Uecker has….

  • Igor

    “Now, that’s funny right there, I don’t care what you say!”

    Was the audience paid to stick around for “Plugs”, I wonder??  If so, the campaign is running low on cash……..

  • aelfheld

    Packing ‘em in.