Bonehead Of The Day

Farrakhan Threatens: People Will Kill Their Leaders In A Few Days
“… a few days….”
We talking Wednesday, Thursday, this weekend, and aren’t YOU a leader, Louie?

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  • Koala

    Is he referring to himself when he mentions the people who started off good then got corrupted?

    • Ilion

      He can remember all the way back to when he was 10 years old?

  • Tallyman

    Luckily, I don’t have a leader.   Is that a threat or a blessing?

  • The Machine

    Maybe he’s remembering what happened to Malcom X…

  • louielouie

    and aren’t YOU a leader, Louie?

    caaareful …………….

    • Ilion

      He’s a wannabe-ruler, which is a very different thing from a leader.

  • Igor

    Ah, Calypso Louie.  Still nuttier’n a fruitcake

    Frutier’n a nutcake??

    • Ilion

      I’m pretty sure both apply.

  • n.n

    His sacrifice will be quickly forgotten.