Thank Beck For ‘Discovering’ Black History

I’ve written and produced video about the liberal whitewashing of black history for years, as has the Reverend Wayne Perryman, as has Frances Rice, as has Larry Edler, as has David Barton of Wallbuilders for even providing physical documentation, as well as many others. I’ve also said someone in the mainstream media would ‘reveal’ this revised history to the nation and act as if he or she discovered it.

Despite the truth being out there for years, it’s probably not going to explode until some big shot news anchor gives us an “explosive expose” bringing us all those facts first, so he/she can proudly receive a Pulitzer…

Enter Glenn Beck.

Did your school completely omit some of the greatest stories in American history?

Yes, and while many of us have been speaking out on this for years, Beck acts like he’s breaking news.


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  • Melissa
  • leaglern

    I’m sorry @girzwald, what? You want Glenn to acknowledge the pitiful liberal/progressives who have hidden black history from students who attend these liberal universities?……. Because without them Glenn would not have this terrible information to expose? What? Let me tell you something… his show! He acknowledges a lot of progressive left machine wackos every day! LOL!

  • leaglern

    The person who actually wrote that it was a “shame” that Glenn is acting like he is breaking news and who claims that many of “us” have “been speaking out on this for years” is showing his true colors. He simply hates Glenn! If he had actually been speaking out on this subject for years, and had any true interest in getting public awareness on the subject, you would think one would be elated that Glenn was exposing the subject on such a widely reached medium as Fox new TV! Personally if I wanted the public to be aware of something as important as this black history information, I wouldn’t care that Glenn was getting recognized for it. My only interest would be getting the information out to the people! Thank God for Glenn Beck and his show! This information an amazing eye opener and not only is it fantastic that Glenn is vowing to help expose the truth and get the real history out there, but in doing so, he can’t help but expose the progressive movement and its exploitation of the black man and his racist cause with whom they have pretended to champion for over half century!!!

  • tegthethird

    Don’t worry- Beck will get a Pulitzer when Obama gets a conscience.

  • Mauser

    Well, he only had an hour….

    Again, it’s more important that the truth get out there rather than worrying about who gets credit for it.

  • Bob


    As a prior Beck-critic, I don’t ever plan on being invited on his show. That said, there are people who’ve endured the vicious liberal pushback on this topic for decades and it would have been nice for Glenn Beck to have acknowledged those who gave him something to expose.

  • MadRat

    I’m ashamed that the only pictures I recognized were Fredrick Douglas and Benjamin Banneker. I read “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave”. In school we heard about how Benjamin Banneker saved Washington DC by drawing up the plans from memory. Turns out that story is just a legend, but easily believable because that’s how amazing Banneker was.

  • Igor

    Bob, Shame on Glenn, or shame because it took somebody like Glenn to get it out into the open?

    Either way, it’s now out there, which is a good result.

    Now, I don’t blame you a bit for feeling a little left out, so I will not take you to task. You deserve your day in the sun, especially since you have been so stalwart about bringing the Truth to light. Please don’t let it get to you, I come to YOUR site every day but only occasionally go to Glenn’s. Why? ‘Cause you’re the firstest with the mostest, THAT’s why.

    You’re the cutting edge, Bob. Revel in it… and keep doin’ what you’re doin’.


  • girzwald

    Is a damn shame Bob. Did he even invite you to be on his program? Has he ever invited you?

    I wouldn’t presume to know whether you would accept or not, but at the very least being invited would be a sign of respect.

    Cause not only are you a damn good and important conservative voice in your own right. But ya……black founders. This is kinda, ya know, territory that is relievent to you.

    Beck just lost major points with me.

  • The Machine

    Beck’s just pluggin’ the other guy’s book, Bob.

  • Bob

    My point (and I obviously should have added it to the post) is that when write something and miss a link to something previously commented on, I’m immediately taken to task. For that reason, I go out of my way to acknowledge those who’ve dug up the info I share.

    Beck is being applauded for revealing aspects of black history not taught and I’ve always contended it would come out if the right messenger told the story. Where was CNN and Fox News when Rev. Perryman sued Democrats for past crimes?

    Did they break this then? No.

    If I had promoted one of my pieces with, “Did your school completely omit some of the greatest stories in American history?” I may have rightly been bashed for being presumptuous enough to assume few previously saw or knew it.

  • grammalou

    I enjoy reading your perspective on this site and agree with most. Since I found Black History, of which I was unaware (primarily on Wall Builders and on the NBRA websites), I’ve been wondering why the message isn’t getting out to the masses. So, applaud Beck’s show to get the message out.
    I’m wondering which is most important, the ‘truth’ of the message or the messenger?

  • n.n

    People like Beck present the knowledge gathered by others. Beck does not profess to be a producer, and by inviting people with knowledge onto his show, he becomes a very capable presenter.

    There are many people with pieces of the puzzle, including Professor Gates, and you, Bob, our very capable host and educator; but, it will require a platform and a sufficiently large market, to spread that knowledge. We should acknowledge and appreciate Beck’s role in disseminating this valuable and highly obfuscated history.

    There should be two goals of the presenters and producers. One is to educate people about their history. Another is to force a return to discussing issues on merit. The people who profit from hiding the truth and perpetuating division, will never reveal their true nature in whole, and because of them, we continue to rely on incidental features of our birth, to create and reinforce prejudice. This path will lead to the collapse of our society, and must be prevented from progressing.

    I congratulate both the producers and presenters. You are each carrying a burden in service to humanity.

  • Nicolas

    definitely is a shame, but I’m glad to finally see it on FOX. This is another reason why I wish B&R was ON FOX, Bob.

    one can hope…

  • Uncle Rick

    Line-cutting aside (and I definitely agree with you on this), I feel cheated. The school system and university have definitely let me (and my kids) down.

    I have taken some pains to educate myself, since the system did such a poor job. Except in one instance. An upper-level college history course on the American City did inform me about the Mississippi Free Democrats and the way the DNC treated them at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and I haven’t seen that information disseminated anywhere else, and you’ve gotta figure that few others learned of it, since you’d have to have two years of college before you could take the course in the first place, and it’s probably not taught now.


  • Fletchman


    I can not pretend to know how you feel, but I can ‘maybe’ understand why. Much effort, enormous personal risk and self sacrifice has been taken by yourself and others to promote real ‘Black History.’ Many tears, trials, frustrations; you name it because you’ve lived it, has been a daily occurrence for yourself. Your reaction is natural, but please don’t be bitter.

    What you’ve worked so hard for has, in a small way been achieved. The real truth of ‘Black History’ has just been a major segment on a major nationally syndicated show, reaching numerous people who are ignorant of what you know as truth. That in itself is ‘historic.’

    Take advantage of this situation and use the crack in the door given you. Continue to be bold, be strong and be courageous. Don’t wallow in self pity, those who seek you out for information will not be impressed.

  • Rich

    Becks been doing Friday programs on the Founding Fathers. As this material is no longer taught in school, Beck is trying to reveal it to the public as he discovers it through reading and then bringing on the authors who dug out and researched the material. He emphasizes the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and how the elected representatives are ignoring them.

    What he is has shown me is that the Christian values had a strong influence in founding the U.S.A.

    This episode shows the Black Founding Fathers and the Black heroes of the revolution and points out just how important these people were to the outcome.

    Beck comments on how could this very important history could be hidden from general knowledge.

    Short answer – Woodrow Wilson and his Democrats – Progressives.

    Well worth watching, I’m listening for the second time as I type this.

    Full program;

    Beck is great at digging out the truth.

  • marianne7

    I also disagree with the *shame* categorization. Although black history is a subject in most colleges, most whites are not exposed to it because activists and of course specialty professors, don’t want to see it integrated into our regular history books. I understand that there is a great deal of info out there, but I want to see it become mainstream. It would have 2 effects: the first is a vast number of non-blacks would gain a better understanding of the rich black contribution to the Republic than is presented to them by liberal racists (the meme of: blacks picked cotton and made the South rich), and the second is that the prevailing meme of the libs would be viewed as petty, shallow, and deliberately deceptive. All good. The fact that he didn’t give a complete overview of those contributing to the topic is hardly surprising, though I’d like to see him present a list of further reading or viewing for his audience. It appeared to me that he did attempt to get some of the people who contribute to or teach to field up there so he wouldn’t look like he invented it.

    I give you my view as a woman in physics who has seen much of the acceptance of credit through omission by others, if your work is put forward to others, and you have contributed to Truth, You should be proud of your accomplishment. Just because he’s the mouth does not mean he isn’t standing on the shoulders of giants.

  • Yahtahei

    I think it is “breaking news” for the rest of the country, maybe even Beck himself, but as has already been mentioned, it is about time someone in the main stream misinformation business gave the country some facts instead of the typical liberal Democrat dribble that has inundated our education system.

    The “shame” is that it takes a Beck type personality to inform the undereducated adults who have not been exposed to such facts.

  • IT Nerd

    I disagree with your comment of “Shame” as a vast majority of us are unaware of the role of blacks through history. I applaud Beck for doing this piece and hope he devotes more time to the accuracy of history.

    Bob, I realize you have been speaking out to show how the left has tried to minimize the involvement of blacks or to take credit for the civil rights movement but the fact of the matter is your platform is not as great as that of Fox News. Personally, I didn’t discover this site until I had one of your video clips forwarded to me in an email and decided to find out more B&R.

    As far as a “big shot news anchor” doing a similar piece, well that wont happen in our lifetime since most of them have left-leaning beliefs and wont say or do anything that is going to discredit the party platform.

    Please give Beck a break.

  • goldengma

    As a Canadian I had not heard this historical information. I also had not heard of the books which have been written. I’m glad that the information is out there and documented.
    It seems to me that this is a topic similar to the whole Margaret Sanger story in that, the information is out there but very few listen or care to be aware. Heaven forbid it might cause me to change my thinking or my actions!!!
    Kudos to those writers, and also I think, kudos to Glenn Beck. There are now a few more enlightened folks out there!