Soros, ACORN Behind Franken Vote Gains

Wouldn’t ya know it? A rich socialist and community organizers behind the rigging of an election that benefits a Hollywood has-been politician wannabe.

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, who orchestrated the recount that gave Democratic challenger Al Franken a lead some six weeks after incumbent GOP Sen. Norm Coleman appeared to win by 725 votes on Election Day, has extensive ties to both the ACORN organization now under federal investigation for vote fraud, and to ultra-liberal kingmaker George Soros.

In 2006, ACORN endorsed Ritchie in his bid to become secretary of state, and Ritchie also received a campaign contribution that year from Soros.

Familiar names. Fingerprints, please.

Indeed, Ritchie has credited his own political career in large part to an obscure, Soros-funded group called the Secretary of State Project (SoS), whose express purpose is to seed state election bureaucracies nationwide with partisan activists — Ritchie among them — who are strategically positioned to influence the outcome of close recounts like the one now underway in Minnesota.

Seeing how a large number of the American people are ignorant of the players, or simple could give a shit, giving Al Franken the boost he never achieved during the campaign is the only way he’ll win.

You know, the new American way.

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  • Kushin Los

    We know that Soros is a socialist of the authoritarian branch, you know the ones who advocate taking from the rich and giving to the poor, so why don’t we do to him as we did to al-Qaeda and seize his assets when we can?

    I don’t particularly like the idea, but its what he wants to do to us after all.

  • OldnyFirefighter

    With the # of enemies accrued over the years, you can bet he has his own body guards & probably very efficient highly paid ones.

  • Mauser

    What amazes me is that nobody’s taken a shot at Soros. Hell, there are folks who would want him dead just because of the things he did with currency arbitrage.

  • Henry

    “My bet is he has a 666 tattoo.”

    It’s not a tattoo, it’s a birthmark…

  • Hoss

    Just stop. They’re going to ensure Franken steals the election, let’s just be done with it.

    As someone here already has stated: fait accompli.

  • IT Nerd

    Eventually, someone somewhere will spotlight Soros and why is he so involved with American politics and what is he trying to gain.

    My bet is he has a 666 tattoo.